Surgery Rooms:

The Surgery Core operates designated Surgery Rooms at two locations - CNY-149, 5th floor (room 5309) and at Simches building, 8th floor (room 8336). Both rooms have assigned lab space for complexes surgeries and small surgical procedures.

CNY Surgery Room Simches Surgery Room


Inspira Advanced Safety Single Animal Pressure/Volume Controlled Ventilator:


  • Ventilates mice to cats (15 g to 10 kg)
  • Easy to use - volume-controlled
  • Airway pressure monitoring detects over/under pressurization of lungs
  • Assist Mode helps wean animal off the ventilator
  • Built in sigh breath maintains optimal lung functioning
  • Adjustable I:E ratio (1:4 to 4:1)
  • Ability to ventilate with air or non-flammable anesthetic gases
  • Quiet

Gas Anesthesia System/Anesthetic Vaporizers:

Anesthesia System

Dissecting microscope with a pro-scope video camera:

Dissecting microscope

Other Equipment:

Other Equipment