Peptide Synthesis
While the purchase of peptides is now routine, our in house synthesizer permits CMIR to conduct syntheses which cannot be performed on a fee for service basis. Access to our own peptide synthesizer is particularly valuable for the synthesis of peptide-dye conjugates

Organic Synthesis
Organic synthesis at CMIR is directed to the synthesis of novel dyes for optical imaging and to synthesizing compounds to support the synthesis of bioconjugates and magnetic nanoparticles conjugates.

We are continually developing new approaches to target specific probes. Bioconjugates are often synthesized by attaching various types of labels to a graft copolymer developed at CMIR or to magnetic nanoparticles, also developed at CMIR.

The design of novel nanoparticles designed target to specific receptors and the design of novel nanoparticles for use as biosensors are synthesized at CMIR are ongoing projects at CMIR.

Combinatorial Chemistry
Our goal is to apply the library technology to the development new diagnostic imaging agents and pharmaceuticals. Our organic chemistry and peptide synthetic capability can be applied to the synthesis of peptide or small molecule libraries using solid phase synthetic techniques.

Some of our imaging targets are macromolecules for which sequence or structure is known. In such cases, we model the target and its interaction with various proposed diagnostic imaging agents, to deduce preferred approaches to drug design. CMIR is one of leaders in applying combinatorial chemistry and molecular modeling to the development of novel diagnostic pharmaceuticals