Molecular Target Discovery

We apply bioinformatics to existing public and potentially proprietary expression databases to identify molecular targets that are selectively over-expressed on cancers. This effort includes software design to query databases on a structural basis identifying motifs that have already been identified as “imageable”, e.g. internalizing receptors or proteases. The markers identified as a result of these studies may also find application as transgene markers for non-invasive analysis of gene expression in gene therapy protocols.

Expression Profiling
We apply expression profiling to particular cancers (poorly represented in databases) to generate unique expression databases for analysis of cancer-specific gene expression or over-expression.

Population Profiling
This includes the assessment of expression profiling of a particular gene or set of genes to determine the extent to which the profile is represented within a disease or normal population.

Development of Imaging Genes
Application of expression cloning technology along with novel MRI or spectral assays to identify potential imageable genes from mammalian and non-mammalian species that will be useful for gene therapy applications.