What is the Laboratory for Biooptics and Molecular Imaging (LBMI)?

The main direction of the laboratory is the development of novel optical imaging and spectral techniques that allow non-invasive or minimally invasively interrogations of function and gene-expression in tissues. Furthermore we offer core imaging support for optical imaging and image analysis applications. The laboratory is an integral part of the Center for Molecular Imaging Research (CMIR) and has established collaborations with faculty in the Center and elsewhere.


Our particular focus is the development of tomographic techniques for fluorescence imaging in whole tissues, intact animals and organs. This technology, when combined with appropriate fluorescent markers and probes can enable molecular probing of disease and function and elucidate expression patterns in vivo. It is expected that fluorescence molecular imaging will enable detection and characterization of disease states even before anatomic changes become apparent. It could also revolutionarize drug discovery and development by real-time in-vivo monitoring of drug effects at the molecular level in intact tissues.

To support our goals we have put forth several key focus areas that enable us to move forward in all aspects of this multi-disciplinary research. Our key ongoing projects are as follows: