Simches Research Center

The Simches Research Center houses the Mouse Imaging Program (MIP) at the Center for Molecular Imaging Research. The facility also houses Dr. Nahrendorf's, Dr. Chen's, Dr. Vinegoni's, Dr. Pittet's and Dr. Guimaraes's laboratories, part of the Bioinformatics Core (BIC) and administrative staff. The building is in the close proximity to the main clinical area which facilitates imaging of tissue samples and PET isotope production.

Take a peek at a new CMIR space in Simches Research Center.

MIP modalities at the Simches Research Center

Technique Description Installed Manufacturer
MRI 4.7T Pharmascan 2003 Bruker
MRI 7.0T Pharmascan 2005 Bruker
MRI (clinical) 1.5T Signa, 3.0T Trio 2004 Siemens, GE
SPECT-CT X-SPECT 2004 GammaMedica
PET-CT X-PET 2005 GammaMedica
Fluorescence BonSAI 2004 Siemens
Fluorescence BonSAI-prototype 2002 Siemens
Fluorescence Image Station 2002 Kodak
Fluorescence (FMT) Tomographer 2004 VisEn
Fluorescence (FMT) Tomographer 2006 VisEn
Fluorescence (GFP) Tomographer 2004 Custom built
Bioluminescence Versarray 2002 Roper Scientific
Bioluminescence VersarrayXP 2005 Roper Scientific
Intravital Confocal Microscopy Biorad 2000 2003 BioRad
Intravital Confocal Microscopy CMIR 2004 Olympus, custom built
Intravital Epifluorescence Microscopy Axiovert/cascade 2001-4 Zeiss, Photometrics
For a more complete description please visit Mouse Imaging Program.