The 6th floor of CNY contains (CMIR Pathology Core Lab, Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging Program (CMIP), and Neuroscience Imaging Program.

1. CMIR Pathology Core Laboratory

The recent creation of the experimental pathology core laboratory contributes additional facilities and services to CMIR. Located on the 6th floor, the pathology core has allocated space in the form of a full laboratory bench and a dedicated microscopy/histology room. From tissue excision to processing to imaging, the facility has a number of equipment available for various protocols a Leica Cryostat (CM1900 Model), two Nikon Eclipse 50is (one equipped with fluorescence capabilities as well as a connection to a dual CPU Mac G5), and a HP Color Laser printer. The high-powered computer enables us to take professional quality images and do analysis/quantification with software such as IPLab. In addition to the microscopy room, there is a dedicated bench and fume hood that is used for tissue processing, embedding and staining (eg., Hematoxylin and Eosin, Von Kossa, Oil Red O, Masson trichrome, picrosirius red, etc.), immunohistochemistry, and Western Blot analysis (Criterion Blotter and Midi Gel System). There is also a private fridge and freezer (-20 and -80) space for our tissue bank and antibodies. The pathology core facility has its own chemicals and equipment to do histological research.

2. Neuroscience Imaging Program

This facility is equipped for the isolation, purification and production of DNA, cloning, DNA transfection and investigations in Molecular Neuroscience and Neuroncology. The laboratory currently consists of several rooms equipped with all necessary equipment. The facility contains equipment for horizontal submarine electrophoresis for DNA(Bio-Rad, Owl Scientific), Protein gel electrophoresis equipment (BioRad), vacuum blotters, and two incubators/shakers for bacterial culture, thermocyclers (BioRad), an incubator hybridization chamber, Sorvall RC28S centrifuge (Kendro Laboratory Products) and three freezers (4 C, -20 C and -70 C, Gibson and Revco). There is a BioMax/BandScanner Scientific Imaging Systems (Kodak) for DNA/RNA and protein gel analysis providing very sensitive and quantitative imaging of chemiluminescence, fluorescence and chromogenic gels and blot analysis. The facility also has the necessary softwares for the PCR primer design and Primer Express (Applied Biosystems) and Vector NTI Suite (InforMax) for the vector design. It has one tissue culture rooms (200 sq. ft.) for the culture of neural stem cells and tumor cells that is equipped with two dual chamber CO2- incubators (Forma Scientific water jacketed), one microscope (Nikon TMS), waterbaths (Labline waterbath) and benchtop centrifuge. This facility was established. An additional virus facility includes cold and warm rooms, tissue culture hoods and incubators, an animal surgery facility approved for handling of viral vectors, P2 culture rooms, and dishwashing and sterilization facilities.