2011-03-08: Dr Ralph Weissleder has been awarded the Gold Medal of the European Society of Radiology in recognition of his exceptional contributions to science, research and the development of medical imaging.

2010-06-30: "Molecular Imaging" is available for ordering. It is the first textbook to provide all the pieces for molecular imaging as a field, including chemistry of imaging agent development as well as all the imaging instrumentation strategies.

2009-10-12: Dr. Ralph Weissleder has been elected as a new member of the U.S. National Academies Institute of Medicine (IOM). This is one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine.

2009-08-09: "TB diagnosis in just 30 minutes" - New Scientist features CSB's work on TB detection using DMR technology. (pdf)

2009-08-08: New Boston Museum of Science's Virtual Exhibit features work of Drs. Weissleder and Harisinghani on the design of a clinical trial to determine how iron-oxide nanoparticles could enhance a diagnostic image produced by an MRI machine to the extent that the spread of cancer could be accurately assessed.

2009-06-10: Chemical & Engineering News has highlighted work by Dr. Jason McCarthy on the synthesis of targeted nanoagents for the detection of intravascular thrombi - Bioconjugate Chem. ("Specks Mark The Clot")

2009-06-08: The Office for Research Career Development has chosen Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik as the Poster of Excellence prize recipient at the MGH 4th Annual Research Fellows Poster Celebration for her entry entitled "Multimodal Nanoagents for the Detection and Treatment of Atherosclerosis." Co-authors include Drs. McCarthy, Jaffer, and Weissleder.

2009-04-21: Dr. Aikawa's work on early detection of calcification of valves and arteries is featured in the Harvard Focus Magazine. (pdf)

2009-03-31: Dr. Shah's work is featured in the Harvard Focus Magazine. (pdf)

2008-12-12: Matthias Nahrendorf, MD, PhD joins the editorial board of Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging

2008-12-03: The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has awarded Fellow Research Prize for the paper entitled “Decreased Uptake of Ferumoxtran-10 in Inguinal Lymph Nodes in Lymphotropic Nanoparticle-enhanced MRI” by Tina Islam, MD, PhD, Peter F. Hahn, MD, PhD, Mukesh G. Harisinghani, MD

2008-11-17: Tina Islam, MD, PhD received RSNA Award for Young Investigators in Molecular Imaging.

2008-10-13: The RSNA Board of Directors and the Research & Education Foundation Board of Trustees are proud to present the 2008 Outstanding Researcher Award to Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD. (pdf)

2008-08-27: Latest News - ACS News highlights work being done by Elisabeth Garanger, PhD postdoctoral associate working with Lee Josephson at CMIR.

2008-05-20: New Inter-PEN Quarterly Newsletter, featuring Dr. McCarthy's work, is available on TPEN section of the Nanomedicine Program.

2008-05-16: CMIR paper "High-Efficiency Intracellular Magnetic Labeling with Novel Superparamagnetic-Tat Peptide Conjugates", published in Bioconjugate Chemistry is being featured on the ACS Publications website as one of the Most-Cited Articles published since 1996 and cited through the period ending March 31, 2008. Most-Cited Articles listed are based on data from Thomson Web of Science®

2008-04-22: CMIR work is featured in the Harvard Magazine. (pdf)

2008-04-20: Article about CMIR work is on the front page of the Boston Globe.

2008-04-16: Dr. Weissleder's work is featured in the MGH Vision magazine. (pdf)

2008-03-14: Dr. Aikawa's paper has been selected as the winner of Best Paper Award for Circulation 2007-2008 in the category of Basic Science.

2008-03-07: CMIR paper "Development of Nanoparticle Libraries for Biosensing", published in Bioconjugate Chemistry is being featured on the ACS Publications website as one of the Most-Cited Articles published in 2006 and cited through the period ending December 31, 2007. Most-Cited Articles listed are based on data from Thomson Web of Science®

2008-02-28: The Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) is pleased to report that CMIR paper, "Use of gene expression profiling to direct in vivo molecular imaging of lung cancer" is one of the 30 most-read papers online during the month of January 2008.

2007-12-11: CMIR PepBank was highlighted in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Proteome Research.

2007-12-11: Dr. Aikawa's work is featured in the Circulation editorial. (pdf)

2007-12-04: CMIR MIPortal has reached a significant milestone - 3,000,000 images have been archived. All images are available online to CMIR investigators.

2007-11-30: Siemens Medical Solutions introduces new Tissue Resection Guidance Tool for Surgeons based on Mobile Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging jointly developed with CMIR. (pdf)

2007-11-29: Siemens Medical long-term, visionary strategic alliance with CMIR has led to a next generation magnetic resonance (MR) molecular imaging applications for clinical use. (pdf)

2007-08-07: CMIR has created a database of peptide sequences PepBank - a database of peptides based on sequence text mining and public peptide data sources. The database is freely available on

2007-05-14: The MGH Center for Systems Biology (CSB) is established as one of the four thematic interdisciplinary Centers at MGH. The Center is directed by Professor Ralph Weissleder.

2007-05-10: Dr. Mahmmod's work in Optiocal Imaging is featured in RSNA News. (pdf)

2007-04-09: Ashvin Pande, MD was mentioned in the New York Times article on care of a "typical" heart attack patient. (pdf)

2007-04-02: CMIR TPEN Collaborator Dr. Swager wins prestigious $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize. (pdf)

2007-03-24: The paper entitled 'Restoration of p53 function leads to tumour regression in vivo' is featured in this month's Nature top ten - a list of the ten articles most frequently downloaded from the Nature website. (pdf)

2007-02-09: Thomson Scientific has selected CMIR web site for inclusion in Current Web Contents™, a selection of scholarly web sites complementing the journal coverage in Current Contents Connect®, the Web of Science®, and other ISI Web of Knowledge™ applications. Current Web Contents ensures authenticity, quality, and timeliness of Web-based data.

2007-01-23: Dr. Weissleder will deliver a Keynote Address at the Days of Molecular Medicine 2007 presented by Massachusetts General Hospital, Karolinska Institute and Nature Medicine. It will focus on recent progress in our understanding of tumor biology as a result of advances in the application of these cutting-edge technologies.

2007-01-22: Dr. Aikawa's work with applying multimodality optical and MRI molecular imaging to the calcifying vasculopathy is featured in Circulation Editorial (pdf)

2006-12-14: Dr. Weissleder is a co-PI on a new $6 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to MIT's Center for Cancer Research to study tumor cell microenvironment.

2006-12-11: Work of CMIR Principal Investigators, Drs. Weissleder, Harisinghani, Chen, Jaffer and Mahmood, are featured in Molecular Imaging Outlook.

2006-11-27: CMIR leads The Molecular Imaging Zone, a new feature of the RSNA meeting. CMIR poster provides overview of research and training.

2006-09-07: Ken Y. Lin, BS has been chosen by the RSNA Scientific Program Committee to receive the RSNA Trainee Research Prize for the research project "Novel Imaging Method and Morphometric Analyses of Microvasculature in Live Mice Using a Fiber Optic Confocal Laser Microprobe" in the category "Medical Student".

2006-09-06: Dr. Pittet's work with regulatory T cells is highlighted by Nature Reviews Immunology (pdf) , Nature Medicine (pdf) and Harvard FOCUS (pdf)

2006-07-10: Nanotech News section of features CMIR work in creating a multifunctional nanoparticle-based imaging agent capable of pinpointing pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (pdf)

2006-06-15: RSNA News features work of Dr. Mahmood and CMIR Mouse Imaging Program (pdf)

2006-05-17: Kenneth Kozloff, PhD received the Harold Frost young investigator award from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.

2006-03-26: Congratulations to Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD who was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Basic Scientist Award from the Academy of Molecular Imaging at their Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida, March 25-29, 2006. (pdf)

2006-03-24: First CMIR wedding has been officiated in the Simches Research Building

2006-03-09: Dr. Weissleder is ranked 5th by the Total Citation Score in Nanomedicine Lab Registry (pdf)

2005-11-09: NanoBiotech News features CMIR work as part of MIT-Harvard Center of Cancer Nanothechnology Excellence. (pdf)

2005-11-03: Nature Reviews Cancer Highlights features CMIR work in Cancer Imaging. (pdf)

2005-10-31: The Boston Globe features CMIR work in Nanotechnology. (pdf)

2005-10-04: NCI establishes MIT-Harvard Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence as part of a five-year initiative for nanotechnology in cancer research. The Center will focus on diversified nanoplatforms for targeted therapy, diagnostics, noninvasive imaging and molecular sensing. Principal investigators: Robert Langer, Ph.D. (MIT), and Ralph Weissleder, M.D., Ph.D. (Harvard University, MGH, CMIR). (press release)

2005-09-16: "Decisions in Imaging Economics" cover story - Molecular Imaging Now: Q & A with Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD.

2005-08-22: Elena Aikawa, MD, PhD has been selected to become a Finalist, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Cardiovascular Young Investigator's Forum.

2005-08-15: The National Institutes of Health recently awarded Harvard a five-year, $15.6 million grant to develop novel nanotechnologies to diagnose and treat heart, lung and blood diseases. Ralph Weissleder, HMS Professor, directs the program. Other Harvard principal investigators include Drs. Peter Libby (BWH), Stuart Schreiber (FAS, Broad), Stanley Shaw (MGH, Broad) Steven Shapiro (BWH), Lee Josephson (MGH, CMIR), Richard Lee (BWH) and Farouc Jaffer (MGH, CMIR). MIT investigators include Drs. Timothy Swager and Francesco Stellacci. Press release.

2005-06-07: Dr. Jaffer is selected to become an American College of Cardiology Fellow .

2005-05-29: CMIR Mouse Imaging Program moves to a new space at the Charles River Plaza Research Building.

2005-05-01: Elena Aikawa (Rabkin) MD, PhD, joins the CMIR.

2005-02-23: CMIR takes a tour of its space in a newly built Charles River Plaza Research Building. The move is scheduled for May, 2005.

2005-01-18: The following grants have recently been awarded to faculty members:

Kimberly Kelly, PhD: Lustgarten Foundation Grant and AdMeTech Grant
Farouc Jaffer, MD, PhD: ACCF Award in Cardiovascular Imaging
Robert Ross, MD, PhD: DF/HCC Renal Cancer SPORE Development Project Award
Khalid Shah, PhD: Grant from the American Brain Tumor Association

2005-01-03: CMIR and Dr. Jaffer are featured in the Harvard Medical Intrnational newsletter.

2005-01-03: Dr. Mahmood's work with Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. is featured in the Boston Globe.

2004-12-15: Dr. Weissleder is featured in MGH Radiology Times.

2004-11-03: Robarts Research Institute awards Dr. Weissleder 20th annual

2004-10-18: CMIR work is featured on the HMS homepage.

2004-10-11: CMIR Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging Program is now on-line.

2004-10-06: Dr. Weissleder is recognized as one of "RT Image's 25 Most Influential in the radiology industry". RT Image article

2004-09-30: Farouc A. Jaffer, M.D., Wins Second Annual Thomas J. Linnemeier Spirit of Interventional Cardiology Young Investigator Award. Press Release

2004-09-12: NCI launches nanotechnology initiative. USA Today article.

2004-09-09: SMI 2004
New Tool from Center for Molecular Imaging Research (MIPortal), bonSAI and X-SPECT Imaging Systems to be Showcased by Siemens. Press Release.

2004-08-20: Work from our lab is featured on Harvard's "LabWorks - A window on Harvard Medical Research"

2004-08-17: PNAS article appears on fluorescence mediated tomography (FMT), a novel quantitative imaging method (PDF file).

2004-08-15: PNAS article on early detection of diabetes (PDF file). See also news releaseby Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard's Focus.

2004-04-09: CMIR Chemistry and Molecular Libraries Programs are now on-line.

2004-02-17: CMIR announces a number of open positions.

2003-12-16: Dr. Weissleder receives Millennium "Innovator in Medicine" Award.

2003-12-16: Dr. Weissleder receives the "Achievement Award" from the Society of Molecular Imaging.

2003-12-12: Science article. Work from our laboratory is featured. (Science 302:1880-1882, 2003)   PDF file

2003-11-21: Modern Drug Discovery article. In the most recent issue our JACS paper on Viral detection was published.    PDF file

2003-11-16: New Gamma Medica SPECT/CT system is installed.

2003-08-21: Siemens Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is installed.    This is the first phase of our effort to buid IT platform for storage & management of molecular imaging information.

2003-07-21: CMIR and Siemens Medical announced broad based collaboration in molecular imaging.    PDF file

2003-07-14: NIAID awards PPG for diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.    PI's: Drs Mathis and Weissleder. Other investigators include C. Benoist, R. Jackson, M. Harisinghani and U. Mahmood.

2003-07-11: Harvard Focus article.
Work from our laboratory is featured.    More Information

2003-07-02: Drs. Perez, Khazaie, Grimm, Jaffer join as staff.    We welcome four new staff to CMIR. Dr. Perez joins us after finishing his postdoc at CMIR (chemistry). Dr. Khazaie holds a joint appointment at DFCC and CMIR. Dr Grimm is a board certified radiologist and Dr. Jaffer recently completed his interventional cardiology fellowship at MGH

2003-07-01: Welcome to all the new fellows:    Drs. Alex Guimaraes, Kevin Hoover, Jason McCarthy, Mikael Pittet, Helen Shih, David Sosnovik, Antoine Soubret, Misha Pivovarov, Maha Torabi

2003-06-21: Visit our newly established Clinical Discovery Program

2003-06-20: The SAIRP funded Mouse Imaging Program (MIP) moves into new facilities   More information

2003-06-19: NEJM article on lymph node staging.    PDF file

2003-05-24: Reynolds foundation awards 24 Million to Harvard's atherosclerosis program. Project leaders are Drs Libby, Ridker, Kwiatkowsky and Weissleder.
(News link; Reynolds link)

2003-05-01: The News Section is backafter a two year hiatus.

2001-07-26: Nature publishes News article on imaging. Work from our laboratory is featured. PDF file

2001-07-15: The new website is up!

2001-07-01: Drs. Mahmood, Ntziachristos and Schellingerhout
We welcome three new staff to CMIR. Drs. Mahmood and Schellingerhout join us after finishing their Radiology residency and fellowship. Dr. Ntziachristos finished his fellowship at CMIR.

2001-06-01: Nature Medicine
This paper describes the use of novel reporter probes to image MMP-2 activity in animals. PDF file.

2000-08-01: NFCR Opens Center for Molecular Analysis and Imaging
More information

1999-06-15: Dr. Basilion
Jim Basilion, PhD, joins the CMIR as a Senior Scientist. Dr. Basilion did his fellowship at NCI (R. Klausner) and then joined Variagenics, Cambridge.

1999-06-10: Article in the Harvard Gazette
Harvard’s gazette publishes on our work. More information.

1999-05-22: Bioconjugate Chemistry
Our novel Tat-derived magnetic particles appear on the cover page of Bioconjugate Chemistry. (Bioconj Chemsitry 1999;10:186)

1999-04-30: Article in Focus
Harvard Medical School’s Focus magazine publishes on our work. More information.

1999-03-30: Nature Biotech
Nature Biotech publishes first in vivo images of enzyme activities in tumors (Nature Biotech, 1999;17:375-378). PDF file

1998-05-15: Science
Science journal features a news story on the future of molecular imaging (Science, 1998;280:1010)

1997-11-06: Dr. Josephson
Lee Josephson, PhD, joins the CMIR as a Senior Visiting Research Scientist. Dr. Josephson was formerly Director of Research at Advanced Magnetics, Cambridge.