The Chemistry Core provides an array of custom-designed imaging agents which are not commercially available. This includes fluorochromes, nanomaterials, and radionuclides. The compounds are 1) synthesized in a technically adequate manner that enables reproducible production with minimal batch-to-batch variability, 2) rigorously tested and analyzed via established standards, 3) synthesized in sufficient quantities to allow for in vivo use. The Core also conducts its own research to continuously improve synthetic methodologies and the design of fluorochromes, sensors, tags, linkers, and nanoparticulate carriers. This is enabled by the experienced staff members and their expertise in differing areas of chemistry, including organic synthesis, nanoparticle synthesis, materials science, bioconjugation, analytical chemistry and radiochemistry. The Core is supported in part by a P50 center grant (2-P50-CA86355) and a NIH contract (UO1-HL080731)