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MION-47 is a prototype dextran coated, magnetic nanoparticle with an average diameter of 20-25 nm as determined by laser light scattering. The R1 and R2 values are approximately 29 and 60 mMsec-1 (0.47 T, 39 °C). For biological properties see: Bioconjug Chem. 2002;13:264-8. MION-47 has been used for fMRI (Neuroimage. 2002;16:283-94), as a vascular imaging agent (Radiology. 2003;226:214-20) and to measure macrophage activity in a number of diseases (PNAS 2004;101:12634-12639).
MION-47 is available for $300 for 20 mg, or $1500 for 100 mg.