The ability to deal with large amounts of biological data is essential to modern Molecular Imaging programs. The Bioinformatics Core at CMIR serves two specific purposes: a) as an innovative research core to develop novel bioinformatics tools and software for the development and testing of novel molecular imaging agents and b) as a high-tech core to archive, maintain and query the large amount of data generated by investigators and different Programs. The bioinformatics tools maintained by the core range from in-house developed programs (e.g. CMIR_Image) to web-based tools (e.g. ReALMS) and large databases (e.g. Molecular Libraries of Imaging Agents). Many of the originally developed tools are being integrated into a web-based bioinformatics platform (MIPortal) that assures access to imaging studies and enables refined combination and query of genomic/proteomic data with phenotypic or molecular imaging data.