Image Informatics We develop and provide novel image analysis and management tools. Recent research efforts have concentrated on two areas:
  1. We have designed and implemented the Molecular Imaging Portal (MIPortal) - a web-based system that extends the common PACS functionality beyond radiologic imaging and allows us to continue ground-breaking research in combining modern imaging techniques with genomics, proteomics and other molecular information.

  2. We continue development of novel image analysis tools with emphasis on molecular imaging. Examples of such projects include
    • OsiriX Ratio T2 Map plug-in to calculate a T2 map from pre/post contrast T2 images.
    • registration and fusion algorithms for MRI and FMT data sets
    • DICOM conversion routines for intravital microscopy and bio-luminescence image sets
    • optical image analysis software.

Bioinformatics We are actively developing bioinformatics tools and databases to identify novel imaging biomarkers, yet untapped. Some recent examples of such tools include:
  • sequence analysis and sequence-based function prediction of peptides selected using phage display
  • data mining of public bioinformatics databases and literature text mining
  • statistical analysis and visualization of large amounts of data from high throughput screens
  • identification of new imaging targets using analysis of gene expression data from microarray and SAGE experiments