Lab Manager

Research Administration and Laboratory Management System - ReALMS - in-house developed intranet system to support our day-to-day operations. It consists of independent modules with common user interface and shared database. Such design allows us to develop several modules in parallel as well as rapidly deploy them without affecting existing ones. Also, it provides us with a convenient way to control levels of access. The system is built using open-source tools, such as Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Some of the modules:

Lab Inventory:

  • cell-lines
  • imaging agents
  • molecular libraries
  • grants and projects financial overview
  • spending estimates
  • expenses and charges
  • equipment repair history
  • on-line manuals
  • interactive resources calendar
Document Repository:
  • imaging protocols database
  • meeting notes
  • technical protocols
Order tracking:
  • chemistry orders
  • e-mice - animal ordering, protocols management, charges tracking
  • people - applicants and employee database
  • attendance
  • mailing lists
  • lab notebooks tracking
Content Management:
  • content management - set of tools to update information on the public web site
  • list of lectures
  • publications