The Administrative Core at CMIR is under direction of Dianne Moschella. The core is responsible for the technical and administrative functions of the Center including

  1. Grants management
  2. Budgets
  3. Submission of publications
  4. Interfacing with institutional offices and agencies
  5. Oversight to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations concerning animal studies, radioactive materials, environmental hazards, recombinant DNA
  6. Purchasing
  7. Travel and meeting planning
  8. Employee relations and hiring

Day-to-day laboratory management is handled by two senior laboratory managers who are responsible for

  1. Arranging and supervising regular maintenance and safety inspections
  2. Enforcing safety and health regulations as dictated by OSHA, the EPA, the NRC, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the MGH Safety Office
  3. Maintaining laboratory supplies
  4. Negotiating pricing for capital purchases/service contracts
  5. Maintaining close communication with other members of research community
  6. Acting as liaison between individual investigators and institution
  7. Overseeing day-to-day operation of CMIR laboratory